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Since the early 1990’s, attorneys now with Cordray & Schneller have assisted clients as consumer or business debtors, creditors, committees, or trustees in navigating the bankruptcy process, out of court restructurings, foreclosure proceedings, and debt collection litigation. Cordray & Schneller is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
Business and Consumer Debtor Representation
Our debtor clients seek our assistance at the point at which their financial condition appears hopeless. Their business or personal finances have severely declined, and they are drowning in debt. For most businesses and consumers with serious debt problems, filing bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to creditor harassment as well as contested actions such as lawsuits, repossessions and foreclosures. Filing bankruptcy may provide a breathing space to regroup and get your business or personal financial life on a sounder footing.
Cordray & Schneller has represented debtor clients in pre-bankruptcy planning and restructuring negotiations. From a thorough pre-bankruptcy analysis to a plan that is both fair and aggressive, we can identify and eliminate issues before they arise.
We have represented (a) small business debtors such as single asset real estate debtors who own an office building or apartment complex, home builders, retail stores, contractors, and health care service providers and (b) consumer debtors engaged in a wide variety of occupations in both out of court restructurings and in formal bankruptcy cases under Chapters 7, 11 or 13. We focus on leading each client to a solution to the financial problems that have resulted in the need for restructuring of debt. We represent them in hearings in the bankruptcy court and in negotiations with their creditors with the goal of protecting them and their assets from lawsuits and other collection efforts so they can concentrate on reorganizing their personal and business finances. Our clients and attorneys work together as a team.
We would never encourage a business or consumer to file bankruptcy unless other alternatives do not provide the relief that such client requires. Bankruptcy should always be a last resort.
We also represent debtor clients as defendants in debt collection litigation. Frequently, we counsel them on whether settlement through negotiation or mediation is more cost effective and practical than trial.
Creditor and Committee Representation
Our creditor clients include traditional lenders such as banks and insurance companies, landlords, investment entities, individual lenders, official unsecured creditors’ committees, and governmental entities. We work as a team with the client to devise and execute a cost effective strategy to recover the maximum amount owed. We have represented secured creditors in real estate bankruptcies, out of court restructurings, and foreclosure proceedings. Our bankruptcy representation secured creditors involves relief from stay proceedings, plan negotiation, and claim resolution. We have also represented unsecured creditors and in particular, landlords and utility service providers in bankruptcy cases. We have particular expertise in representing creditors in Chapter 9 bankruptcies filed by political subdivisions and in negotiating with such debtors to achieve a consensual plan of arrangement in a cost effective manner which will satisfy the requirements of the Bankruptcy Code for confirmation. We also have significant experience in representing governmental creditors in restructuring matters involving failed economic development transactions. Our firm will utilize its bankruptcy and litigation attorneys to assist in connection with the defense of preference and fraudulent transfer actions under Chapter 5 of the Bankruptcy Code.


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