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Ad Valorem Taxation

Cordray & Schneller is one of the few law firms in the State of Texas with substantial expertise in the area of ad valorem taxation. Our firm has a unique advantage in representing businesses and individuals in connection with the legal challenges to assessments in excess of just value by property appraisers since we have one of the few attorneys in the State of Texas who focuses his practice entirely in the area of ad valorem taxation. As governmental entities have looked for increased sources of funding, there has been an increase in the frequency in overvaluation of real estate. We assist our clients in evaluating their property valuation assessments and in challenging them where appropriate. In such circumstances, we assist our clients at both the administrative and judicial levels of appeal to challenge inappropriate property valuation assessments. We have the experience and expertise to help clients navigate the administrative and judicial protest process. We have considerable experience in representing property owners and their consultants in their disputes with appraisal districts and taxing jurisdictions. We work with all types of property, including: unimproved land, retail centers, apartment projects, downtown office towers, office buildings, condominiums, warehouses, residential property, and all other real and personal property. The services we provide range from real and personal property valuation disputes, to pursuit of exemptions, to special use valuations and rollback issues, to disputing and negotiating delinquent tax disputes, to litigating valuation contests. Our firm has spent a lot of effort to develop good working relationships with the various appraisal districts, taxing jurisdictions, and the attorneys who represent them. Our experience in handling property tax disputes has allowed us to advise clients on what is needed to try to reach a positive outcome. We continue to assist property owners and their consultants in minimizing their property tax liability on a cost effective basis. After reviewing an issue, we will attempt to examine the cost and benefit of the firm’s services with our client. Our goal will always be to choose a course of action in the best interest of our client and not our firm. Through years of service, our firm has been involved in the cumulative tax savings of millions of dollars for its clients.


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